Interested in environmental issues, going green, sustainability, or eco-friendly living?  Here are my 10 Great Green Blogs (in no particular order):

1. Simple Organic, the blog about “sustainable and healthy living for mainstream people.”

2. The Daily Green, the “consumer’s guide to the green revolution.”

3. TreeHugger, the “leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.”

4. Recycle This, the blog with “creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff.”

5., the resource for “sustainability news and blogs.”

6. The Current, a “global conversation” about the “planet’s vast oceanic resources.”

7. Eco Life Blog, a resource for eco-friendly living.

8. Grist, the blog with “environmental news, commentary, [and] advice.”

9. It’s Getting Hot In Here, a “collection of voices from the student and youth leaders of the global movement to stop global warming.”

**BONUS: Type ‘linfield‘ into the search bar at this blog to see a collection of posts highlighting what Linfield students have been doing!

10. Green, a New York Times blog “about energy and the environment.”