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If you’re interested in the issues discussed so far in this blog, there are many ways to get involved on the Linfield campus.  Here they are:

1. Take a class. The Environmental Studies Department offers a variety of classes each semester.  Several other departments occasionally offer classes on environmental issues as well: Biology, Economics, EnglishPhilosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, and others.

2. Join a club. Greenfield, an environmental issues group, is open to all students and meets every Monday at 8:00 pm in the Pioneer Reading Room.  The Garden Club, also open to all students, is responsible for maintaining Linfield’s new Community Garden, located next to Renshaw Hall.  The Garden Club meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm in Riley 210.

3. Attend an event. Student organizations like Greenfield and the Linfield Bike Co-Op put on many different events throughout the year.  Get on the mailing list or join their facebook groups (Greenfield, Bike Co-Op) to stay in the know!

4. Volunteer. The aforementioned groups have tons of volunteer ops, but check out Linfield’s Community Service page to get involved.

5. Create a project. Linfield’s ACES (Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability) awards Sustainability Grants to students interested in completing a project that would further the campus in its progress toward a sustainable future.  Applications can be found here.  Learn more about projects that have already been awarded this grant here.

The opportunities don’t end on the Linfield campus!  Talk to professors and fellow students interested in these issues–you will learn about many other ways to get involved.

Interested in environmental issues, going green, sustainability, or eco-friendly living?  Here are my 10 Great Green Blogs (in no particular order):

1. Simple Organic, the blog about “sustainable and healthy living for mainstream people.”

2. The Daily Green, the “consumer’s guide to the green revolution.”

3. TreeHugger, the “leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.”

4. Recycle This, the blog with “creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff.”

5., the resource for “sustainability news and blogs.”

6. The Current, a “global conversation” about the “planet’s vast oceanic resources.”

7. Eco Life Blog, a resource for eco-friendly living.

8. Grist, the blog with “environmental news, commentary, [and] advice.”

9. It’s Getting Hot In Here, a “collection of voices from the student and youth leaders of the global movement to stop global warming.”

**BONUS: Type ‘linfield‘ into the search bar at this blog to see a collection of posts highlighting what Linfield students have been doing!

10. Green, a New York Times blog “about energy and the environment.”

I knew I could find common ground somewhere between my two seemingly-opposite majors of Electronic Arts and Environmental Policy.  What better than to write a blog about going “green”?  As an assignment for my MSCM 329 Digital Communication class this semester, I aim to share my experiences in the next few weeks about learning to tread more lightly on the Earth, and to shed some light on what “going green” is all about.

We’ve all heard the news about climate change and our addiction to fossil fuels–now what can we do to make a change?  I’ll be focusing on small actions that will make a big difference.

What is sustainability?  How do I compost?  Why recycle?  Can a few people really make a difference?  Next week, I’ll begin diving into these topics and more.  As for the last question, I think Margaret Mead answers it quite well:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Next week, I’ll dive in to the many small ways of making a big difference.
July 2020