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Recycling BinsRecycling helps use our natural resources more efficiently and puts less of a strain on landfills.  If you’re living off-campus, recycling helps lower your garbage costs too!

Sometimes recycling can be confusing–every city seems to have its own set of rules.  Linfield and McMinnville have comingled recycling.  This means (most) recyclables can all go in one bin.  Western Oregon Waste provides a handy guide for what can and cannot go into the recycling bin.

For those on campus, visit Linfield’s recycling page to become familiar with the guidelines.  On campus, glass can be recycled curbside–those off campus should take glass to McMinnville’s Recovery Zone (2200 NE Orchard Ave) or to a recycling center at a nearby grocery store (Roth’s is closest to campus).

Plastic Bags

In addition to glass, plastic bags cannot be recycled curbside, but many grocery stores (e.g. Roth’s) have a bin located near the front entrance for customers to drop off plastic bags.

Check out what other items can be recycled at the Recovery Zone.

It’s important to rinse and clean the items you put into the recycling bin, as well as make sure no trash is mixed in with recyclables.  By helping clean and sort recycling from trash, you will be keeping recyclables from getting contaminated and the rest of the recycling process will be more cost effective.

This old school cartoon puts an entertaining spin on recycling.  Feel like a kid again while also getting an important message!


If you’re interested in the issues discussed so far in this blog, there are many ways to get involved on the Linfield campus.  Here they are:

1. Take a class. The Environmental Studies Department offers a variety of classes each semester.  Several other departments occasionally offer classes on environmental issues as well: Biology, Economics, EnglishPhilosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, and others.

2. Join a club. Greenfield, an environmental issues group, is open to all students and meets every Monday at 8:00 pm in the Pioneer Reading Room.  The Garden Club, also open to all students, is responsible for maintaining Linfield’s new Community Garden, located next to Renshaw Hall.  The Garden Club meets every Tuesday at 7:00 pm in Riley 210.

3. Attend an event. Student organizations like Greenfield and the Linfield Bike Co-Op put on many different events throughout the year.  Get on the mailing list or join their facebook groups (Greenfield, Bike Co-Op) to stay in the know!

4. Volunteer. The aforementioned groups have tons of volunteer ops, but check out Linfield’s Community Service page to get involved.

5. Create a project. Linfield’s ACES (Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability) awards Sustainability Grants to students interested in completing a project that would further the campus in its progress toward a sustainable future.  Applications can be found here.  Learn more about projects that have already been awarded this grant here.

The opportunities don’t end on the Linfield campus!  Talk to professors and fellow students interested in these issues–you will learn about many other ways to get involved.

This is the first year I’ve had a bike on campus.  It is also the first year I’ve had a car.  After three years of having only my own two feet to get me anywhere, I was ecstatic to have my options triple.  However, I soon realized how much I was taking advantage of the fact that I had a car—I was spending money and wasting gas on trips that I could have done via bike.


The pollution that comes from driving our cars is a topic that has been drilled into us since kindergarten.  We have all seen gas prices rise beyond belief, so the financial factor and depleting oil reserves are probably not new news either.  These are all reasons I made a deal with myself to not drive my car unless completely necessary, but they aren’t the only ones.  An important factor in “going green” is health.  Not just the health of the planet, but of ourselves.Bikes

Biking and walking are both great forms of exercise.  Even if it is just a quick stroll to class, or a brief ride to the grocery store, your body will appreciate it.  Now that it is May, the weather here in McMinnville is starting to remain sunny and warm.  There was a reason we were always told to go outside and play as kids—being outdoors is good for us!  Fresh air and sunshine easily brighten my mood.  As the end of the semester nears, I have found that being outside is a great stress reliever as well.

If you’re already an avid biker or walker—that’s awesome!  If not, try walking or biking somewhere you’d normally drive, and see how it feels.

The Linfield campus is becoming more and more bike-friendly—several new bike racks were just installed by Alternative Spring Break participants, and the Linfield Bike Co-Op is now open and running.

July 2020